Suits Season 6 Review

Now with Mike going to jail at the end of the last season I am looking forward to seeing how this show is going to work with this being a major part of the story line. Plus this is the first time I am going to be watching this season so everything is going to... Continue Reading →

Suits Season 5 Review

 Now this is the season I got to after binging watching the show the first time and I have to say out of all 5 currently reviewed so far this season was without a doubt the best one. Harvey and Donna have split ways for the first time in 12 years and it is clearly... Continue Reading →

Suits Season 4 Review

I am now really starting to get into this show again and I just can't seem to get enough. Anyway, it is time for a review. Mike no longer works at Pearson Spector and he wants to make his first big hit as an investment banker. So who does his first big come up against... Continue Reading →

Suits Season 3 Review

After finishing the second season I jumped straight into the third as I needed to know more about what had happened at the end of season 2. Anyway, it is time for a review. After Racheal finds out what Mike has been keeping a secret about this whole time they finally manage to start a... Continue Reading →

Suits Season 2 Review

After Jessica finds out that Mike has not gone to a law school she has the hard choice of deciding to keep him or firing him but at the same time also losing Harvey who says that if Mike goes he goes. While all of this is happening the named partner Daniel Hardman is coming... Continue Reading →

Suits Season 1 Review

From the premise I personally didn't want to give this show a chance as Law is something I have not really been all that interested in and a drama based around it just wasn't for me. However after finding literally nothing else to watch I decided to give it a chance and it is one... Continue Reading →

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