Saga Volume 3 Review

This time I am a little bit quicker getting to the next instalment of the series, so what did I think of this one. After Prince Robot IV get to the same planet and house as Alana and Co then they have got to try and find a way to be able to get out... Continue Reading →

Saga Volume 2 Review

For some it took me longer than expected to get around to reading the second volume of this series but I am thinking I am going to be going on a little binge of it. So after loving the first volume what did I think of the second? Now that Markos parents have made an... Continue Reading →

Saga Volume 1 Review

Currently re reading through the Saga graphic novel series and thought now would be the perfect time to review my thoughts about each volume 1. You follow the life of Marko and Alana as they are trying their best to try and find somewhere where they are able to raise their child Hazel. You might... Continue Reading →

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