Demon Thief by Darren Shan Review

Even though I found the first book to be a bit simple I was still excited to get into the next book of the series and see what else Darren Shan has to offer. 

Kernel Fleck has always known he’s weird. He sees lights. Strange, multi-colored patches of light, swirling through the air. But it’s not until a window opens into a demon world, with horrific consequences, that Kernel discovers his powers. As a Disciple, his mission is to hunt vicious, powerful demons to the death…

Taken from goodreads

So this time around we have a new main character in the way of Kernel, which was a bit unexpected as I had come to like Grubs quite a lot as a character but Kernel hits straight away as a new interesting character to be read about mainly because he sees lights that no one else can see. However, I found myself struggling to like Kernel as much as I did grubbs due to Kernel being a bit of a cry baby right from the beginning but maybe due to me being a bit older than the target audience it is somewhat understandable.

The story itself I found to be a lot more intriguing than Lord Loss mainly because we get to explore more of the demon world and actually get a little bit more back story about some of the characters from the first book which I loved.

The humour that we seemed to have had in the first book seems to have disappeared in this book, this might be because the funny character of the first book being Grubs is not in this one but I did expect to have something thrown in every and now.

Seeing how I did enjoy the story more in this one and with the addition to a few extra characters I am looking forward to the next one in the series but I just feel like there should be more.

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