I’m A Therapist and My Patient is in Love with a Pedophile by Dr Harper Review

After having somewhat mixed feelings about the first book I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with the series but seeing how I already owned the whole series and they are relatively short I thought I might as well see what else the series has to offer.

I’ve counseled the most chilling criminals… A young inmate who fell in love with a pedophile. A man who intentionally infected strangers with HIV. A patient with an extremely unusual addiction. A sociopath who wanted to have a conscience. A conspiracy theorist who harassed victims of a terrorist attack.

And the patient who still haunts my dreams: A boy sold into human trafficking.

In these files, you’ll learn about the psychology behind the world’s most dangerous criminals.

But you’ll also learn about me — and the worst thing I’ve ever done.

Taken from goodreads

So the first thing I noticed when I started getting into this book was that it is set out differently to the first. Yes they still have the “patient files” but you get a story between each of the files which I found myself becoming invested in. 

I think the “patient files” were a lot better this time around with a majority of them being a bit more realistic. One makes a return from the first book, which I enjoyed seeing more from, and one of the others seems just so unrealistic I was somewhat more interested in that file then the others as it felt like a fantasy.

Once again this series keeps you on your toes, every time you seem to have figured out the story then boom another twist comes in. The only twist I managed to get was who the ringleader of the operation was.

The book is still extremely short, only 170 pages and I am still struggling to think that is worth the £7.99 price, because for that price you could get similar length books with a much better story.

I do rate this book a lot higher than the first and it has made me want to jump straight into the final book of the series so that I can see what else the author has got to bring.


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