I’m a Therapist, and My Patient is Going to be the Next School Shooter by Dr Harper Review

This has been recommended to me so many times by a friend that I just had to pick it up, mainly to get them to stop telling me to read the series, but what did I think?

I’ve seen it all… A boy who planned to be the next school shooter. A patient with OCD whose loved ones really did suffer every time he missed a ritual. A choir boy who claimed he was being molested — not by a priest — but by God Himself. A patient with PTSD who gave me nightmares. A husband and wife who accused each other of abuse, and only one of them was telling the truth.

And how could I ever forget, Patient #220.

The problem is, my patients have a habit of dying. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the common denominator. Or maybe that’s just the cost of taking on exceptionally broken clients.

Either way, I’ll never stop trying to help

Taken from goodreads

I fell in love instantly when I realised what sort of book this was going to be, the way that it is set out as a patient file and with little notes at the end made me want to read faster so I can take it all in.

This  book will keep you on your toes the whole time, you might think with just being patient files that it would be pretty straight forward, but nope. I found myself rereading paragraphs because I was enjoying certain areas that much that I didn’t want to miss a single thing.

The book is extremely small, with it being about 150 pages which I know can be a bit of a turn off for some people but with it just essentially being a short stories book then I do think I could really complain, but to charge the price of an normal book is a bit steep in my opinion.

I will say that some of the plots of the book went a bit too far to go from believable to sounding like random horror stories that you would hear around a campfire. One of the stories just sounds like a bad review from an amazon product (which it does state to be fair). But I do think that the author did a pretty good job in making them a good read.

I did pay full price for the book but I don’t think that it is worth the £7.99, however if you do own a kindle or have the kindle app then you are able to read it for free on kindle unlimited which I do think is a lot better.

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