Good Will Hunting (1997) Review

After having a little bit of a movie night with my housemates, I decided to watch this movie, apparently it is one of the best ever made and only one of us had seen it, me being one of the ones who hadn’t, so what did I think?

We follow the life of Will Hunting who is a self taught genius, however he spends his time being a janitor and drinking with his friends. However, after a math professor leaves a problem on a chalkboard, Will decides to solve it. Will gets into a fight, and ends up hitting a police officer and ends up going to prison. After the professor finds out that Will is in prison . He finds a way to get him out by telling the judge that Will will go and see a therapist.

This is the basic premise of the story and to be perfectly honest when I was told the story of the movie I was not looking forward to watching it as it sounded boring as hell. However, as soon as the movie started I instantly started falling in love with the story and Will as a character. Not only that but as soon as we started getting some more back story about Will and why he is the way that he is, I started loving his character even more. Don’t get me wrong the story itself is still a little bit boring still but somehow the actors make it enjoyable to watch.

Now the acting is what makes this movie just how great it is. Matt Damon does an amazing job in playing Will, he makes you feel so bad for him all the right moments and even though he does bad things you still end up rooting him every single time. Now Robin Williams, Robin fucking Williams this movie made me realise just how much I miss him as an actor and a personality. He absolutely smashed his performance in this, he wasn’t overly funny but whenever he made a joke you could guarantee I was laughing, but it was his serious performances that made the movie what it was. The other side actors such as Ben Afleck (playing wills best friend Chuckie), Stellan Skarsgard and Minnie Driver smashed their performances. I personally think that not a single actor did a bad job during this movie and it is clear to see why it is in the top 100 imdb movies of all time.

The story of this movie being what it is I really didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, it just works so well with how well everyone acted in this movie. This has instantly become one of my all time favourite movies and I am going to be rewatching this movie again tonight as I just want to see Robin Williams amazing performances all over again. I recommend that every person goes and sees this movie at their every convenience 

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