Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit Review (and other essays)

I am trying to learn more about the world and more about what we are not being taught in school about modern society, and one of the things I am trying to learn more about is feminism and how women are not being treated the same as men. This book was recommended to me by a friend who suggested I read it and see how other women feel about the subject, so that’s exactly what I did.

The book does a good job in showing the reader the problems with the difference between men and women in the modern world and how it has all come from how men used to control women and basically make them objects, it also goes into some detail how that still happens today when a couple gets married the women is not called by her first name she is called mrs whatever the guys last name is, as if she is no longer her own person but a belonging of the man. I never really thought about that until now but now that has been said I can’t help but think why people still do that in today’s society.

I did find that a lot where modern day situations are being given and I found myself just saying why is it still like that when the current generations know that it is wrong but for some reason we still do it as if we are all sheep.

I do have one problem with the book and that is we very rarely get told how each of these situations make women feel. I would have liked a few interviews or examples from the authors of the essays on how this makes them feel as a woman. To me that would have made each and every essay hit that much harder. It is why It Is Not About The Burqa hit so hard for me as it told me how each of the authors felt in the situations.

I can already tell that a lot of people most likely men are going to have a problem with this book when they read it as some of the things being said I know a few people in my life are going to say that the women are wrong, but those are also the men who also believe that there should be a tax on femine products, so those men’s opinions don’t really matter. This is a book I recommend to women if they want to understand the situation they are in a little bit more and for men who are wanting to get some idea on what it is that women are going through on a daily basis that as a man they might not see or realise that they are doing.

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