Misfits Season 1 Review

So this is the first tv show I have watched in almost 8 months which was a bit of a shock when I went back to actually check, so what did I think of the first season of Misfits?

A group of 6 18+ year olds have all been given community service after committing different crimes. On the first day of community service a storm starts to happen but that storm changes their lives forever. They have all been given a power of some sorts and the show is them finding out how they are able to use it and just trying to live their normal lives with it.

It was the premise of the show that actually got me to watch it, people with criminal records with powers is something I am able to get behind. It did take 2-3 episodes of me to actually start to enjoy the show, even though the first season only has 6 episodes. I found it hard to like any of the characters as they were all just cocking and stand off ish at the start. After they started to form a friendship of sorts, that is when I really started getting into the show, their personalities all clashed but in a way that made it enjoyable to watch.

Each episode has its own story which I do like a series like this as it means you don’t have to remember everything that has happened in the previous episodes. That doesn’t mean that a few storylines continue as there is one continuous one but that is treated more like a side story.

The acting is fine and that’s the best I can say for it. They did show some emotion when needed but to me it always felt like it fell short. The only actor I found myself genuinely enjoying the performance of was Robert Sheehan who plays Nathan, I guess who is the main character. 

My favourite episode of the season has to be episode 4 where we get to see a bit of Curtis’ past and what he really is able to do with his powers. It was nice to get some backstory on all the characters as well.

The first season has done a great job in making me want to get into the other 4 seasons the show has to offer and I know I will be getting around to them some time soon.

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