Next Gen (2018) Review

I am really behind on keeping up on what movies are coming out, as I had zero idea that this movie existed and if I didn’t sit on my controller while it was scrolling I probably still wouldn’t be off. Anyway, what did I think of this movie?
Mai is a teenager who is feeling unloved by her mother, this is because her father had left at a young age and in order to replace him her mother relied heavily on robots. This made Me feel left out and ended up hating all robots. Well that was until she stumbles across an unreleased model who is able to have memories and change as a robot, now it is up to them to try and save the world.

I’ve kept the story brief as I don’t think I could really say anymore without giving anything away but let’s just say this, I do think that the story goes from zero to a hundred very quick to a point where it is almost shocking. We go from Mai and the robot getting to know each other to within 5 minutes the final battle, it just was a bit of a shock to watch, would have preferred it to be a little bit more drawn out.

Other then the pace for me the story was a bit meh, some points it hit new areas such as the mom replacing Mai father for robots and robots being able to have memories so they actually grow as robots I really enjoyed that fact but the rest of the story did feel a little bit predictable and felt like I had seen it all before.

The animation style I will give some very high marks to, for a netflix own made movie I wasn’t expecting all that much but damn they did an amazing job in world building and making everything look futuristic and bright. It is an even better job when the fights start happening and you get to see just how talented the animators are.

Voice acting credits have got to go John Krasinski who plays the robot and Micheal Pena who plays the dog. For me these two were the most notable with their performances. John managed to make me feel for the robot and make me want to do anything I possibly could to make him be happy. Of course I have to put Michael Pena here, he alone made the movie have some funny moments. They did try with some physical humour but any time I laughed it was all down to him.

This was a good movie, and I might have recommended it to a few friends who I think would like the fast paced story and the forced humour, but I think they did play it a little bit too safe and they should have gone for even more crazy.

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