Turbo (2013) Review

I have now come to the conclusion I am extremely bored as I have just finished watching a movie about snail racing so let’s see what I think of it.

Theo who has now named himself Turbo is a snail with a dream, that dream being the fastest race in the world. To do this and to prove to the world that he is able to do this he has to win the Indy 500 a race car competition. After being told time and time again by his unsupportive brother that he can’t do this and should just give up his dream, Theo ends up in an accident where he ends up in a car’s engine and ends up swallowing NOS, this causes Theo to gain super speed.

From the off this is a show based on the younger audience and I did find myself extremely bored in the first 15 minutes of the show as it simply felt like nothing was happening. Well that was till Theo got into his accidents and then it was like a switch was flipped as I found myself being engrossed with the film and its content that it was trying to show the world. 

I knew nothing of this movie before going into it, I remember seeing its name being said 7 years ago but that is about it for me so when the story actually started getting good I was really surprised by it as I thought they would find some stupid way to make Turbo drive a car.

The animation is by dreamworks so you already know that it is close to be perfection, I did find myself loving the trail that Turbo leaves when he goes into his super fast mode and it really brightens up the screen, reminds me a lot of the first fast and furious with the neon underglow on the cars.

By the end of the movie I was emotionally attached to the characters and wanted them all to get everything that they have ever dreamed for, I love it when a movie is able to do that with such a random character such as a snail.

Soundtrack for me was a mixed bag, when a racing scene was happening and they brought out the fast paced tracks I loved and I think they did a great job with it, however for the rest of the movie I barely even noticed any additional music and when I did it became instantly forgettable.

The story is extremely basic even if I did enjoy it, it is what you would expect from a younger audience based movie, the same can be said for the characters, very basic with the only real one showing any sort of growth was Turbo’s brother Chet.

Voice acting, I would say is no one’s best ever work, yes they all did a good job in showing the emotion of the character during the scene but it could have been done a lot better. With cast members such as Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson and Snoop Dogg I expected a lot better.

Overall, a basic story line with basic characters added into the amazing animation makes for a pretty okay movie but it is not something I ever see myself recommending for anything other than children wanting something to watch or if you are obsessed with snails.

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