It’s Not About The Burqa review

In my everlasting journey to learn about other cultures and what people are being made to go through because they aren’t a white, straight male I have been reading It’s not about the burqa. This is a series of short unfinished essays all written by muslim women. It shows you the pain that they are going through because people are associating them with terrorists or claiming that their relgion is keeping them down because they don’t understand it.

These essays were a real eye opener for me. Where I am from in the northern part of England you very rarely see anyone who is not white, and it is because of this a lot of the people i was growing up with turned out to be racist and hating against anyone who practiced a different relgion other than christanity or being an atheist. It felt to me like their was no inbetween. I am 25 now, I no longer judge people based on the colour of their skin or what relgion they follow or what sexual or gender orientation they are. I can not say that about a lot of the people I grow up with however as whenever I do go home you hear it all the time if someone walks past who is white or straight. I wish I would be able to go back in time and give this book to some of those people. They might be able to understand the words that they are saying and what they actually mean to the people they are talking about.

 I have learnt more about the Islam culture and relgion in this book that is 230+ pages then I ever did in 5 years of R.E. After reading it, I want to go out and buy more books and learn more about this culture and how the public eye of it is actually really wrong especially within parliament.

This is one of those books that everyone should read at some point in their lives, just to be able to understand another culture more, it could change how they look at people who are a different race and could ultimately make the world a much nicer place if they just learnt to accept people for who they are.

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