Spider-Man : Miles Morales (PS4) Review

So the first Spider-Man game on the PS4 I loved so much I even went to the point I 100% completed it on both new game and new game plus and got the platinum trophy, so to get a sequel you can say I was pretty excited to get playing so what did I think when I finished?

This game follows not long after the first one ends with Peter training Miles and showing the webs of how to be Spider-Man, when Miles starts to show some progress and some new powers that Peter doesn’t have then Pete decides to go on holiday and allow Miles his chance to show New York what he is made off and if he can fill Peter Parker’s shoes. The game follows his time as New York’s only Spider-Man.

The story itself is pretty good, it held my attention the whole time and made me want to watch every cutscene I could to be able to understand Miles a bit more and see what makes him the way he is, especially with his friends and how he is able to keep his secret from them. However, even though the ending was almost perfect in my opinion I just didn’t feel the same during this game as I did with the first Spider-Man I think that Peter Parker went through so much more and made me feel so sorry for the guy and every single thing that he went through, this may be because Miles Morales is half as long as Peter Parks game. Because of this they would struggle to get in as many hard hitting story lines in the short amount of time so they stuck with just the one.

Gameplay wise this is the superior game without a doubt, with how Miles swings and moves and just how he interacts with the world is quite clearly so much better. Plus with the additions of his new powers it just makes for a much more enjoyable game. It also loses the feel of repetitiveness because you have numerous new ways to be able to do a mission now instead of just the few.

I played on the PS4 but it might not be buy much but certain areas of the game do look a lot nicer now that the producers are used to the software and knows the max it can get out of a game,

Now, I had so many different glitches, texture failures and game crashes that I didn’t want to play the game until a new update came out, and one did and basically nothing happened but I knew I was close to finishing the game at this point so I just played on through the pain of the numerous failures. Under no circumstance should you release a game if it doesn’t work properly yet, delay it and people will be happier about the fact the game is actually going to work instead of having the above failures again and again.

Did I platinium this game? Yes. Why? Because it was an easy platinum and did not require a lot to do and could be done in the same amount of time that it would take you to beat Peter Parker’s spider man once.

If you have to choose between the two games due to whatever reason then I personally think you should play the first game, it has a lot more content for the money it would cost you, the story is better in my opinion and at least we know it works properly. Miles Morales feels more like DLC then it does an actual game due to its length, storyline and problems with glitches.

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