Trials of Apollo – The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan Review

After what seems to be a turn around in the series for me with the second book I finally got around to reading the third and this is what I think.

Journey to the Labyrinth to free an Oracle who only speaks in riddles.

Defeat a vicious and bloodthirsty Roman emperor – the most vicious of three very vicious and bloodthirsty Roman emperors.

Is that all? No, I have to do everything without the help of any of my godly powers. Wonderful. Looks like I’ll be needing all the help I can get. From friends new and old 

Taken from goodreads

Firstly how dare Rick Riordan take away the chance to have even more Leo, this is unacceptable and it will not be forgiven but I do understand why he did it especially after reading this book, but still bad Riordan. 

I found myself really enjoying the story within this book and the amount of growth in character that Apollo has shown in the first three books is almost unmatched by any other character ever in any series. I am really looking forward to seeing him turn back to a god (If he does? I have avoided spoilers so far) and if he is able to keep his human personality or if he is going to go back to being a big headed god like all the rest.

Meg is a character I have mixed feelings for and this book did nothing to change my mind, yes she is 12 and she handling so much emotional damage from her step dad which I can both relate to and feel sorry for her for, but I want more from her, instead of these one word answers or the very far and few scenes where she shows feelings I want to see her actually grow as a character which isn’t happening as fast as I would like.

Every now and then when I go back to a Rick Riordan book it makes me rediscover my love for his writing and this book has not failed on that, once again he has managed to create another almost masterpiece that will make you both laugh and cry which is something a lot of people find very hard to do. This is still bottom of the five main series he has done in this world but it is slowly climbing up the scoreboard.

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