Deadpool (2016) Review

I went to go and see Deadpool when it was first released in the cinema but I had completely forgotten what actually happened, which means it is time for a rewatch.

Wade Wilson is an ex military man and has now turned into a mercenary. When he finally finds the love of his life and proposes to her, he finds out he has got terminal cancer. This causes him to try and find any cure possible and that is when a mystery man offers him the chance to be healed of the cancer as well as have many other new abilities. When he goes to get healed, that is when his life gets even worse as he does get new abilities but it changes the way he looks and he is looking for revenge on the man who did this to him.

The story is pretty decent but personally I don’t think it is anything to write home about and it sounds like the start to any other super being movie, guy looks for help, gets help, help goes wrong, guy wants revenge.Yes, the story around him and his fiancee was really cute and you do hope that they can get back together but once again nothing really different from any other super being movie. There really isn’t anything to get too excited by storywise. But to be perfectly honest myself and just about everyone else I know didn’t come to watch a deadpool movie for the story.

The comedy is why most people will watch a deadpool movie and dear god the comedy was on point. I found myself laughing more at this movie than I have at some comedies I’ve watched. The mixture of the 4th wall breaks and the comebacks deadpool says are simply brilliant.

The action like what you would come to expect from a modern day marvel movie is fantastic. The mixture of guns, sword and hand to hand combat make for a very gorey but amazing watch. When they go the extra mile by having bits of brains next to a person’s head after they have been shot through it, or bits of gut on the pipe when Deadpool gets impaled by it just adds so much to the scene and makes for a much better movie because of it.

Acting wise, this is one of the movies that made Ryan Reynolds as big as he is today and has done everything that was needed to recover from the Green Lantern. Before the accident he does a great job of showing his love for Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) as well as the type of mercenary he was but when he becomes deadpool his voice acting when in the suit was perfect and the few times we get to see his face after the accident he does a great job in showing just how down he is mentally. Morena Baccarin, goes from playing badass women in love to being grief stricken widow to slapping Wade when he comes back, she does a great job and I now want to see more of her.

With a very basic story line for super being but fantastic action, great comedy and really good acting then I recommended this movie for someone who is looking for an easy watch.

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