Ready Player One (2018) Review

After rereading the book I thought it was about time I rewatched the movie and see if it matches up with the book I loved.

The story is the same as the book were the creator of the biggest game in the world has just died and has left an easter egg for the players to find, the first person to find the egg will take control of the company that owns the game as well as all the fortune that James Halladay had. This caused most people to become even more obsessed with the game in order to find the egg, this includes a company known as IOI who want to win the contest to start putting ads onto the game so they can make even more money, they are willing to do anything in order to win.

The story is still great and I did love seeing how they made the OASIS world look with the CGI being excellent throughout.

The fight scenes are what made me keep watching as I just loved watching them and just like in a real game you knew to keep your eyes on the screen so you didn’t miss a single thing.

Acting wise the whole cast did a pretty good job but I do think some could’ve do a bit better in showing some emotions during the real life scenes and the voice acting parts. For me, Olivia Cooke, Lena Waithe and Win Morisaki did an acceptable job but when it came to the real life parts I just didn’t feel any of the emotion they were trying to get across. Philip Zao did a great job and he made the role of Sho his own, however after seeing his performance as this Sho I do want to see him do the book version as I think that might test his skills just a little bit more. Tye Sheridan did arguably the best job out of the High Five, I loved his voice acting and his real life as well but there are some scenes in the book that I wished that they had included so he could really show his range as an actor.

As a movie this is pretty damn good and I would happily rewatch again at some point, however as a book adaption it is just not the same. The amount of details for everything is lacking and even the sequence of events in the movie are completely different to that of the book. To me this movie feels like it was written by someone who read the book a few years ago and struggled to remember everything. 

If you are not a bigger reader then give this movie a watch and I am sure you will enjoy it, just like I did but if you are a reader then trust me just read the book it is a hell of a lot better.

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