Titanfall 2 (PS4) Review

I have been looking for a first person shooter campaign to get my hands into for some time and when looking at my backlog I realised I had Titanfall 2 and had heard some good things about it so thought I might as well give it a try.

You play as Jack Cooper, an ordinary rifle man who is training to become a pilot but gets called into action before this happens. During his next mission his mentor dies and leaves him Jack his Titan, this allows Jack to become a pilot in very weird circumstances. This means you have got to learn how to control the Titan (BT) and be able to complete the mission that BT was already doing.

The instant you start the game you come to realise just how fast paced it really is and just how quick you need to be in order to be good at this game and for me at this moment in time that was perfect. If you are in control of Jack then you get to use a double jump and wall running in order to get around the map as well as a slide technique, doing all this while shooting and punching bad guys is the most fun I have had in a video game for a long long time. When controlling BT you get to use some big guns and being able to discover all the different loadouts and core moves you get is almost as fun as all the sliding around.

Story wise it is okay, but you can tell it is only there due to the amount of people not happy with the first game not having one. I still enjoyed my time learning a little bit about the lore and the war that is currently happening but you can tell it could have been a lot better. 

The characters were okay again, a few of the bad guys all stood out but they were just about as basic as they come which was a bit of a let down.

I found the map design to be pretty good and imaginative especially when it came to the pilot control parts of the game as you found yourself wondering how to get to a specific platform and if you could run to be able to get there.

If the rumoured Titanfall 3 does happen I hope they keep the great controls and style of the game but include a little bit more into the story and actually make me care about beating the bad guys. If the game is on sale then buy it as it is easily worth £20 for the campaign alone just don’t pay the full price unless you want to get deep into the multiplayer which is something I never found myself doing.

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