Saga Volume 3 Review

This time I am a little bit quicker getting to the next instalment of the series, so what did I think of this one.

After Prince Robot IV get to the same planet and house as Alana and Co then they have got to try and find a way to be able to get out of it alive. 

The Will is still struggling with the loss of his former partner and is deciding if he should retire of live of the land. While Gwendolynn is trying to make sure he doesnt do that so that she is able to find Marko and get her ring back,

We are introduced to another set of characters in this novel and those are two journalists who are trying to find out the true story behind why Marko and Alana had abandoned their race.

This was a very action packed volume and I loved every single second of it while reading it. You wanted to turn the page as fast as possible just to see if someone was going to die on the next page. For a graphic novel this is the sort of action stuff that I would really want. Yes the story is great and you find yourself caring for characters that you really shouldn’t such as The Will and Gwendolynn but I have a feeling this might be one of those novels were some of the main characters might be dying quite often.

Due to the ending I am once again looking forward to getting into the next installment of the novel and I want to know more about what is going to happen with The Will and the fact that he has a family member, so time to go to amazon and buy the next instalment.

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