Clap When You Land By Elizabeth Acevedo Review

As apparently the only time I buy books now are if they have been recommended to me on Tiktok it is time to continue on with exactly that.

Camino Rios lives for the summers when her father visits her in the Dominican Republic. But this time, on the day when his plane is supposed to land, Camino arrives at the airport to see crowds of crying people…

In New York City, Yahaira Rios is called to the principal’s office, where her mother is waiting to tell her that her father, her hero, has died in a plane crash.

Separated by distance – and Papi’s secrets – the two girls are forced to face a new reality in which their father is dead and their lives are forever altered. And then, when it seems like they’ve lost everything of their father, they learn of each other.

Papi’s death uncovers all the painful truths he kept hidden, and the love he divided across an ocean. And now, Camino and Yahaira are both left to grapple with what this new sister means to them, and what it will now take to keep their dreams alive.

Taken from goodreads

The book is written in a novel in verse style which is a new concept to me and when I found this out I was actually quite interested to see how a story could be told in this style. At first I did find it very weird to read a book in this style but after 10 or so pages I actually found myself really enjoying it and it made me respect the author so much more being able to write in this sort of style/

The story itself is quite good and I found myself being very invested in the two girls’ lives and what it was like for them when they lived with a man who basically had two separate personalities depending on what country he was currently in. The girls were so different but at the same time had very similar personality traits which made it easy to tell that they had the same father.

However I did find the character progression to be little if any at all. Yes at the end they both do something that is not within their normal comfort zone but for me that just wasn’t enough for me to really enjoy the two characters journey.

I do like the references to the racism and classism aspects of the two main countries as it shows you just what some people have to go through to get something that other people are just given.

I am really starting to like Elizabeth Acevedo’s work and can’t wait to read more from her.

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