Saga Volume 2 Review

For some it took me longer than expected to get around to reading the second volume of this series but I am thinking I am going to be going on a little binge of it. So after loving the first volume what did I think of the second?

Now that Markos parents have made an appearance he has to go and get back his babysitter that his mother has just sent to the nearest large enough object. This leaves Alana alone with Markos Dad and this is when they get introduced and then find out a big secret that he has kept from his wife and Marko. During this volume we get to have some more backstory from Marko and Alana and how they came to be together.

The Will is still on his journey to save Slave Girl from the people who are forcing her into sexual exploitation at her very young age. Not long after he finds someone who might be able to help him on his job that might also know Marko.

From start to finish in this volume you will find yourself in all sorts of emotions. This makes the read so much fun as you never know what is going to happen on the next page.

I really like that you get some narration from Hazel (Marko and Alana daughter) and it’s really interesting seeing what her views are on some of the matters that happen throughout the volume.

Art style is once again great, you get every single thing you would want to see with all the details and backgrounds plus more. This is what I have set the standard from the rest of the graphic novels I am going to be reading in my life.

I have gotten the third volume right next to me, so as soon as I have finished this review I shall be jumping straight into it.

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