The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore Review

The only downside of my reread of the first book was finding out just how boring John and Sarah were as individual characters as well as a couple. The rest was great and made me really look forward to getting into the second book.

‘ve seen him on the news. Followed the stories about what happened in Ohio. John Smith, out there, on the run. To the world, he’s a mystery. But to me . . . he’s one of us.

Nine of us came here, but sometimes I wonder if time has changed us—if we all still believe in our mission. How can I know? There are six of us left. We’re hiding, blending in, avoiding contact with one another . . . but our Legacies are developing, and soon we’ll be equipped to fight. Is John Number Four, and is his appearance the sign I’ve been waiting for? And what about Number Five and Six? Could one of them be the raven-haired girl with the stormy eyes from my dreams. The girl with powers that are beyond anything I could ever imagine. The girl who may be strong enough to bring the six of us together?

They caught Number One in Malaysia.

Number Two in England.

And Number Three in Kenya.

They tried to catch Number Four in Ohio—and failed.

I am Number Seven. One of six still alive.

And I’m ready to fight.

Taken from goodreads

At the end of the first book John, Six and Sam all have to leave as soon as possible. This means that they leave behind Mark and Sarah and this gave me hope on the fact that John actually might have time to develop a personality. To be fair he does, however he goes from Sarah straight onto Six. However, whenever he thinks about Six in a certain way he makes himself change his mind back onto Sarah and this little personal battle between him and his brain was actually decent to read about.

Once again, this book is action packed just about start to finish. They are just going place to place waiting for the world to calm down a little and not to have the whole of America looking for them but that doesn’t mean they ever get a chance to be safe. 

Now this is the first book in the series to have different P.O.V.s and I loved it, this is because we get a chance to see a bit of someone else’s life and that being seven who is currently in an orphanage in a small city in spain. Instantly this gives the book a nice change of pace, as we go from the action packed stuff with John to getting to see how Seven (Mariana) is doing with her very very boring life.

For me this book is better then the first because we get to see a lot of character progression with Seven, as well as Sam and John. Six is still being the badass that we all expect of her and I do wish that they made her the main character of the books instead of John but oh well. 

After the way this book ended I have already ordered the next book in the series and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can continue on this adventure as I am hooked currently.

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