Trials of Apollo – The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan Review

After finding myself a bit let down by the firsts book of the series I wanted to continue with it as I had heard good things. Plus with the progression in the character of Apollo I wanted to see if that would carry on into this book.

Go west. Capture Apollo before he can find the next oracle.

If you cannot bring him to me alive, kill him.

Those were the orders my old enemy Nero had given to Meg McCaffrey. But why would an ancient Roman emperor zero in on Indianapolis? And now that I have made it here (still in the embarrassing form of Lester Papadopoulos), where is Meg?

Meg, my demigod master, is a cantankerous street urchin. She betrayed me to Nero back at Camp Half-Blood. And while I’m mortal, she can order me to do anything . . . even kill myself. Despite all this, if I have a chance of prying her away from her villainous stepfather, I have to try.

But I’m new at this heroic-quest business, and my father, Zeus, stripped me of all my godly powers. Oh, the indignities and pain I have already suffered! Untold humiliation, impossible time limits, life-threatening danger . . . Shouldn’t there be a reward at the end of each completed task? Not just more deadly quests?

I vow that if I ever regain my godhood, I will never again send a poor mortal on a quest. Unless it is really important. And unless I am sure the mortal can handle it. And unless I am pressed for time . . . or I really just don’t feel like doing it myself. I will be much kinder and more generous than everyone is being to me—especially that sorceress Calypso. What does Leo see in her, anyway?

Taken from Goodreads

After the first 50 pages I knew I was going to enjoy my time reading this book so much more then the first and that is because we still get to see hints that Apollo has changed as a person. He no longer only cares about himself – don’t get me wrong he is still big headed and thinks everyone should pay attention to him but – he wants to make sure that the people around him are actually safe and well and happy. I can relate to this version of Apollo so much more and I actually enjoyed reading about him so much more.

The humour has also become better, I don’t know if this is because I actually am liking Apollo more and because of that the stupid jokes he makes are actually funny to me now or if Rick has added in a few better jokes since last time. Either way I was very happy while reading.

Leo is a fantastic character and if Rick hadn’t already said that this is the last series in this world then I would want a series based around Leo. I think he has potential to be up there with Percy Jackson.

I do like how the whole story of this book could have been prevented if Apollo wasn’t such a dick when he was in God form. I think this is making him become more human as he goes alongs and actually starts to realise this.

This is still currently my least favourite series out of the five but that is mainly because of how much I really didn’t like the first book. If Apollo keeps becoming more and more human as the series goes on then who knows it might take over The Kane Chronicles.

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