Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review

Unlike a lot of people I never actually played Spyro when it was on the playstation but was always wanted to. Now with the remastered edition out I thought what better time to give it a go even if it has been out for almost 2 years at this point.

Just like how Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy came with the first 3 Crash games, this game come with the first 3 spyro games and allow you to play all 3 of them in a new remastered graphical look. I love how all three games look from the second I started playing them. The difference between the originals and this is almost unrecognizable. 

With the three games even though the story is different slightly in each one they all follow the same sort of basis. It is somehow up to the smallest dragon around (Spyro) to try and save the world and the only way that he is able to do this is by collecting a specific item (1 –  Dragons, 2 -Orbs, 3 – Dragon Eggs) Once you have collected enough of the item then you are able to take the boss of the game on. It is pretty simply when you think about it but the developers have done a decent job in making you want to collect more. They have done this by making the levels that much fun to explore and you want to find every nook and cranny where they might have hidden an item just so you get to see more of the world.

For me games like this can go one of two ways, either the game has added these items for you to optional collect while playing the game to give you something else to do other then the main story, or like what this game has done is by making you collect a decent percentage of the item in order to be able to finish the game. I hate this, why not just like me play the game the way I want. Yes, I know they have done it to make the story a bit more believable but still I don’t want to have to replay a level just to do some challenge in order to find an egg. The worst feature ever added into this game was Mr Moneybags, this made collecting gems a chore. Mr Moneybags would be at some place during some levels and would make it impossible for you to carry on with the game if you didn’t pay him. This has just added more stuff to collect to the list and it was a pain in the arse especially in the 3rd game.

At first I found it a little weird to control but that was mainly because I had never played spyro before so I didn’t know what to expect. However, by the second game playing as Spyro felt comfortable and as if I had done it for years. I do only have one downside to how the game controls and that was the camera. It didn’t really affect how the spyro was being controlled but every now and then the camera would just get stuck in a position making it hard for you to be able to see where you needed to go next.

If you played Spyro as a child then this is going to be a great new purchase for you especially with the addition of nostalgia being involved. If you are like me and didn’t play the games as a child then wait for the game to go on sale next and then purchase it as for me the amount of collecting involved isn’t worth the £30 price tag. I got mine on sale for £10 and made the game a lot more worth it for me.

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