Nexomon Extinction (Switch) Review

So after taking the app store by storm with the new best Pokemon like game back in 2017, they have made a sequel to the game, set thousands of years later and put it on all newest gen consoles, so have they managed to make the great app into a better game?

Nexomon is a monster capturing RPG, so you can see why people are comparing it to Pokemon. 

The story starts off with you being in an orphanage and slowly learning on how to become a tamer and when it is time for you to finally get your first Nexomon you come face to face with a dragon nexomon. This is when the story really starts as it is up to you to try and find a way to stop all the dragons as well as the tyrants from destroying the world. So you might be thinking this does sound a bit similar to just about every other RPG going but they do one thing different to all of those. They bring in humour to the mix, even though the story type at this rate is feeling a little bit stale you want to keep on playing as you are loving the humour type it has got. You quite clearly see that the developers have made the game for the older games and not for kids, and for a monster capturing game this is a breath of fresh air.

Compared to the app there are not a lot different in the graphical department except that everything looks a whole lot cleaner, more HD and to be perfectly honest I am glad they didn’t change all that much as I really liked the look of the game.

With over 300 Nexomon to try and collect you have numerous different teams to choose from and Nexomon does something that I wish Pokemon did, You don’t have to own multiple games in order to fill the Database. You just need one game and the time and patience  to be able to level up your nexomon to their final form. I love this from them, I love the fact I don’t have to have a half finished dex because I have to find someone to trade with or have a second console as well as a second game. With the one game of Nexomon you get the full package and that is fantastic.

Some people might not like the game for this reason but for me I prefer it. There is no Nexomon – Extinction multiplayer, this means there isn’t a tier list for nexomons and you can just play the game and have fun without having to worry about having a better team then your friends. 

For a company that currently only has two games out (Nexomon and Nexomon – Extinction) then this is bloody amazing from them and I can not wait and see what they are going to do with a sequel that they have already announced just over a month after releasing their second game. 

It is out on all major platforms so go and do yourself a favour and find a new game to spend 30 hours + in and have a new adventure, ohhh yeah the game is less then £20 so you certainly can’t go wrong.

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