Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

So I have been playing Pokemon since I was 5 and now I’m 24 so I have a little bit of an attachment to this game and I have finally gotten around to finishing the game and post game of the newest generation. So what did I think?

Story wise, it is just the same as any other Pokemon game where you have got to stop the bad guy from destroying the world, however the main difference to this game compared to others is that there really isn’t a bad guy team such as Team Rocket/Flare/Magma. Yes there is Team Yell but when you play through the game you will understand why I have not included them as an actual team. This was a little bit of a surprise for me and actually made finding out about the bad guy an actual surprise which is something that I don’t think has ever happened to me before with a Pokemon game. You still have to stop the bad guy in the end just like every other game but the journey  to get there was a little bit different and I really liked it.

Now the main part of a pokemon game is the pokemon (Yes, I know this is a very surprising fact) and when a new generation starts then everyone wants to see all the new ones, bit like myself so what did I think of the latest additions. This time around we have some new forms of old loved pokemon in the Galarian forms mainly being Meowth, Weezing and Zigzagoon. These have all gotten new typing as well which is always a nice change, out of all the pokemon with Galarian forms my personal favourite has got to be Runerigus and Stunfisk (most hated is Mr Mime). Out of the newest generation Pokemon my personal favourite is Corviknight and Centiskorch.

For me personally I find this game to be one of the easiest by quite a long way. It either has to be gen 7 or 8 as some of the easiest games out there for the Pokemon series. This is a good thing for the millions of new fans that will be brought to the series thanks to the impressive sales of the switch but for the long time fans then this is going to be a bit of a pain. For me personally they need to bring back a feature from my all time favourite generation, 5 , and bring back the challenge mode where you could replay the whole game with the game being made harder due to higher increase in levels and better AI. Everyone loved this feature and I am struggling to figure out why Gamefreak haven’t done it since.

This is without a doubt the best that this series has ever looked. The character models and battle scenes are fantastic and it is amazing to see the jump from gen 7 to this.

Overall this is the best looking and probably has the most surprising story in the series but for me gen 5 is still the best and I will find it hard to have that beat/

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