Black Mirror Season 1 Review

Now this TV show is without a doubt one of my favourites and currently I am finding it hard to get into a new show to watch so it is time for a little rewatch I think. Anyway, lets see what I think of season 1.

Black Mirror is a show that shows you the modern world with a few little twists and shows you a potential way that if something is introduced to the world just how it would turn out. Each episode is a stand alone so you are able to watch it in any order and don’t have to worry about the story connecting.

It is the premise behind the show that got me watching it the first time around and it is also the reason why I love this show. In the first season we have got three episodes and they range from 44 minutes to 1 hour 2 minutes. The first episode is the Prime Minister having to do an indecent act to a pig in order to save the princess, the second being a world where everyone bikes to be able to power the world and the only way to stop is by winning a talent competition. The third one is where you are able to get an implant fitted and be able to have every single one of your memories be accessible and shown to other people. It is the 2nd and the 3rd episode that I personally find the most interesting due to it being based around how far technology has come and what the world might have been like. However, don’t think the 1st one wont get you thinking, making you wonder would our current prime minister be willing to embarrass himself and his family in order to save one of the royal family.

In my personal opinion Charlie Booker has done a fantastic job with the first season, this is because it shows you what they are capable of as well as get you wanting more from the second season.

I can’t fault a single member of the casts in any of the episodes, I think they all played their roles to perfection. You will spend the whole time per episode glued to the screen and just wanting to keep watching. The acting does play its part very well and without the acting it wouldn’t matter how good the story is no one would want to keep watching.

Rewatching the first season has brought back my love for the show and has made me just want to jump straight into the second season, which is exactly what I am going to do after posting this review.

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