After Life Season 1 Review

It was the small clips of this show that I saw on twitter that made me want to watch the show as the style of the show that the clips were showing seemed to make for a very good show and I couldn’t wait to watch. Anyway, it is time for a review.

We follow the life of Tony who has lost his wife after a battle with cancer. It is after losing the love of his that he feels like he has no reason to keep on living and if it wasn’t for his dog who needs feeding he would of killed himself long ago. This show lets us see his journey going from being depressed and taking it out on everyone around him as he struggles with life to being able to live his life somewhat normally.

The story behind the show is really good and with how big mental illness is right now, then being help to spread some type of awareness around is always a good thing in my opinion. The dark comedy the show has taken on is a great thing for me as that is the sort of humour I enjoy but if you don’t like dark humour then do yourself a favour and don’t watch this show as there might be a good chance you might get offended with it.

Ricky Gervais as an actor is not someone I have ever enjoyed watching but as a comedian I do enjoy his shows. My thoughts on him as an actor have changed since watching this show as he does a great job in playing a depressed man, it is him who makes you want to keep on watching as he does his job well and after a few episodes you do want to keep on watching to see if life is going to get any better for him. I can’t say the same for the rest of the actors in the show mind as they all had it very easy and didn’t really have to do much expect to be their for a friend.

I did find that the comedy does slip away in the final two episodes but that is because he is finally starting to realise what he is doing to people in his life and even though he is depressed it doesn’t mean that he should be making the people around his life feel the same.

The show does a great job in showing people who think that they are sad means they are depressed just how wrong they really are. 

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