Borderlands : The Pre Sequel (PS4) Review

Borderlands is one of my all time favourite gaming series and it has been some time since I last played the series so it now time to play through again.

The story starts with Athena being questioned by Lilith, Brick and Mordecai who are wanting to find out what happened to her when finding the vault on pandora moon. While on her (her and the other vault hunters claptrap, Nisha, Wilhelm, timothy and Aurelia) journey they get ambushed by Zarpedon and are made to crash land onto the moon base. This is where they find Jack battling for his life. After saving Jack they make their way through numerous different dangerous sites in order to try and find this vault.

I know i skipped over a lot of the story but this is a game you need to play and experience the story first hand. I am not saying its a great story that everyone needs to play but it is a lot better when experiencing it while playing and being able to have the added humour and seriousness added into it when the writers decide. The writers managed to make the alright story become really good due to how they managed to get the story told across with the addition of multiple characters.

The game controls like a dream, anything that you want to do in the game you can do as soon as the button is pressed on the controller. I will say that the only annoying part of the game to control was the moon buggy at first but as soon as you are used to the way it controls it is pretty good and it is a great way to travel around the map very easily.

The main reason why I love borderlands so much is the way it looks, I love the cartoon hand drawn style the game has as it just seems to make the whole series look individual instead of trying to look real life like a lot of other FPS. This allows for better looking character models and make them go to the extreme which is not possible for other FPS games.

There are so many side quests, and each one adds a little bit more story to some side characters and allows you to see as much as the map as possible, which is a must as the whole game looks amazing and you will want to see so much more of it. This means that a 18 hour game goes to over 30 hours if you want to do all the side quests and get as much bang for your buck as possible.

For me personally this is the best borderlands game going, and all it means for me is that I cant wait to be able to get into Borderlands 1 and 2 in the coming months.

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