The Invasion by Peadar O’Guilin Review

The Call was a very good book so I had to go and buy the next book of the series and find out more about the story and see if the people of Ireland are going to survive. 


Imagine that your country is full of people ready to betray their family and friends to the cruel and pitiless ENEMY. Then, think that everyone has branded YOU as the traitor . . .

Nessa is locked in a maximum- security prison where death awaits her and with only murderers and the mad for company. And now the ENEMY is about to invade . . .


Taken from goodreads

From the very start you notice that this is going to be a lot more action packed then the previous book. This is both a good and a bad thing, it means we get to see how the people of Ireland are going to handle the sidhe coming to their world and trying to take over, and if they are as easy to kill as they think the Sidhe are. I do wish that we could get the same sort of storytelling as in the first book, we found out so much about the history of the call and who exactly the Sidhe are in the first book but obviously that wasn’t going to happen as The Call gives you all the information that you need to understand the whole point of this book.

The best part of this whole book has got to be Anto and his character development. At the start he is so excited about that he finally gets to see Nessa again and about to start their lives together, well that is before Nessa gets arrested and Anto has a special mission he gets told he is now part off. He goes through every single emotion possible in this book and every single new emotions he goes through you feel like you have gotten closer to him and want nothing but the best for him each time. I wish Peadar had done the same with Nessa character development as well as after a while I got really bored when reading her POV. This is because it would be the same thing every single time and after a few chapters I really didn’t care that she loved Anto and was doing all this for him. Yes, Anto does the same and mentions how much he loves Nessa but he also has different emotions which makes him a more relatable and fun character to read about.

I don’t know how I feel about the ending of the book as it throw in a few curve balls every now and then which kept me wanting to keep reading but it was still quite predictable and personally I thought that after the 300 page mark everything was a little rushed especially with how slow and steady the story was going to that point.

This is a slightly disappointing ending to a decent duology but I still think you should give it a read as it is really different to a lot of the other YA books going around today.

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