Percy Jackson and The Olympians – The Lightning Thief (2010) Review

So as a long time lover of the books by Rick Riordan, I have always wanted a movie or tv show based on the series he has written. However I have heard some bad things about the movie so I have been trying to avoid them for as long as possible, but it is time to see if they are as bad as people say.

The story is very similar to the books, Percy finds out he is the son of a god, Poseidon to be exact. Not long after finding this out he is then getting blamed for stealing Zeus most powerful weapon – the lightning bolt – and he has been ordered to return it by the summer solstice. There is only one problem with that and that is that Percy has got no idea where to bolt it and doesn’t really have any idea on where to start.

It is a very simple plot and very easy to go along with however, I found myself not really caring about the story unless some action was involved. They never really went into a lot of detail about what they were doing when on their quest and before they were able to do anything a fight had to happen.

Now the fight scenes are mixed in my opinion. When it is Percy and co against a monster then yes they are very exciting to watch as Percy had to pull out some new moves in order to win, or discover how he is going to use his powers. When it is Percy versus another person (expect one) then the fighting scenes are just boring and very samey. By this I mean that they use the same moves over and over again until someone basically stops.

Did they get the acting right? No, they really didn’t. For me no matter what the situation was everyone felt monotone. When Percy’s mother (Catherine Keener) was making sure Percy was okay, I just didn’t feel any sort of emotion coming from her whatsoever.

Of course I am going to judge this movie harshly due to the books they are coming from but dear god, how did they manage to make such a bad movie based on such a good book series.

Now this is the area where I am going to rant about how badly they fucked up the book adaptation. Spoilers if you have yet to read the movie or books

Why the fuck is annabeth a bruenette?

Why when they are on olympus are boys and girls sitting next to each other when they are set on opposite sides?

Why is there a scene where the three main characters are on drugs?

Why the fuck is Percy 16 in the movie when in the books he is 12?

Why does Percy fight Luke before they get to olympus?

Percy doesn’t fight the hydra till the second book.

Grover doesnt want to be a fucking protector

Since when are half-bloods allowed to have technology in their cabins if it gives off a signal to all monsters?

Where is Luke’s scar

Why is Grover a ladies man?

Since when does Persephone attack hades?

Why does Annabeth and Percy have a potential relationship already?

The movie script is basically how someone would sum up the book to a writer in about 30 seconds. 

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