Burnt (2015) Review

I left uni to be a chef and I’m only a year and a half into this new life but every single day I find something new I love about food and every time I watch a movie or documentary about food that love grows even higher. So I think it is time I rewatch Burnt. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Adam Jones is punishing himself for getting into a horrid state with drugs and alcohol, the way he punishes himself is by shucking one million oysters. When he has finished his punishment he goes to England and find his old friend and tries to earn himself his third Michelin star, but first things first he needs to find himself a team.

The story for me is really good as from start to finish you do find yourself wanting to know more about Adam’s previous life and what made him become the man he is today. Not only that but you want to see how he is going to overcome the bad publicity that is coming his way after his time in Paris and if he will actually manage to get his third star.

For me the star of the show has got to be any scene where actually cooking is involved. This is perfect for me as every single scene shows just how stressful it is to work in a busy kitchen and trying to make sure that every single component of a dish is going to be going out correctly. I have got no idea how they managed to make every single meal look so good, hell they even managed to make the burger king meal look mouth watering.

After the food, the next best part of the movie is seeing the budding relationship between Adam and Helene. They first start with Helene not even bothering to listen to Adam advice when he comes into her kitchen and then ends up with Helene getting fired by Adam after he shouts at her. It is from there were we see one my personal favourite romances ever.

Acting wise this is the best I have ever seen Bradley Cooper, the whole movie you are able to see his passion for food and that never slips once even when he has taken beating for not paying back debts from his time in Paris he is still at the morning market trying to get the best possible ingredients.

I do think that the betrayal at the end of the movie is needed as everything was going a little bit to well for my liking, this added a nice little surprise into the mix making the whole movie that much better. 

Seeing David manage the pass was amazing as it shows just want someone who knows what they are doing are able to do with someone who is just starting out in this world. He goes from being a prep boy in a little kitchen to working on the pass on a michelin star restaurant thanks to Adam.

This is one of the best cooking movie/ movies in general out there and I really recommend that you try and see it as soon as you can as for it is one of those must see movies.

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