Arena 13 – The Warrior By Joseph Delaney Review

Now we are onto the finale of the series and after only mildly enjoying the series so far I am hoping for an amazing ending to make the series better.

After everything Leif has been through in Arena 13, it’s finally time for him to fulfil his destiny and accompany his father’s people beyond the barrier that imprisons all mankind.

Meanwhile, Kwin, the girl he loves, is making waves in the arena as the first woman ever to grace its fighting floor.

In their own ways, each of them is fighting to bring down the superhuman monsters that threaten the last people on earth. They might have picked fights they can’t win. But freedom could be something worth dying for.

Taken from goodreads

So from the off the first thing that is different with this book compared to the rest of the series is that we get multiple P.O.V.s which is really needed in a series like this. Of course the main character being Leif does get the majority of the book, but come on I would expect a book that is going to have different P.O.V.s to have more then just 5/6 chapters between two other characters. 

One again, the book feels rushed. It needs more padding, to me when I am reading this book and the series it is just a more complex way of saying Leif did this, then this happened, then this happened. There is no time for you to be able to come to terms with everything that has happened as by the next chapter something new is going to happen. Yes I know some people like this and don’t get me wrong I do love a good book where it is non stop action but even then you need to give the reader some time.

The book is extremely short in under 230 pages of the actual story, which does explain why everything is so fast paced and rushed. I feel like if they included another 50 pages with a little bit of filler in then the book would have been so much better.

The fighting scenes are still great and now we are getting introduced to some new enemies for Leif and co to fight it makes for a good read.

Overall for the series, I think it is a good action series and perfect for a slump killer due to just how short of a trilogy it is but dont expect anything amazing. With the lack of character progression, how rushed everything feels, and even the deaths are just sort of looked over, it is not a series I am going to be coming back to in a hurry.

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