Arena 13 – The Prey by Joseph Delaney Review

After somewhat enjoying the first book in the series I thought I might as well jump into the second to see if it gets any better.

Sixteen-year-old Leif continues on his quest to find out the truth about his legendary father. Will his father’s people hold the key to Leif’s future? And will what he learns bring him closer to attaining his goal of becoming the best fighter the city has ever seen? Or will the monster that has stalked his life, wreak his promised revenge?

Taken from goodreads

From the off the first thing that I did notice was that the story feels more fleshed out this time around, you get more information about the past in this new world. You do find out a little bit about it in the first book but you get a load of information about where the Djinn have come from and what the world was like before they took over. This for me made the book a lot easier to read as I was getting more information and wanted to find out what else we would be given.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think the story is still a bit rushed, once again so much happens in the book that it feels like it needs a little bit of filler so that you are able to digest some of what has just happened, and I don’t mean a little bit more information about the pending relationship between Leif and Kwin that is certain to happen.

The fighting scenes are still great to read and are definitely the highlight of the series in my opinion. They aren’t the best I have ever read about but they are definitely up there, even though it is the same type of fight each time, somehow the author manages to make each one slightly different to keep you on your toes. 

Once again the character progression is nowhere to be seen. Obviously he has grown as a fighter but as a person he is still the same as he was when we started the journey in book one.I want Leif to think before he does something instead of doing it to try and impress whoever is around him.

Once again this series is neither bad or good, it just seems to be there for me. With one more book left in the series I am interested to see what Joseph is going to do with the ending of the story.

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