Death Note Black Edition Volume 3 Review

So after really enjoying the first two volumes in the series I thought it was about time I got into the third installment.

We end the second volume with Light telling L that he thinks he might be Kira and that he needs to be locked away so that he is not able to kill anyone else. This is where the third volume begins and once again the story gets you sucked in straight away, the second you start reading then you wont want to stop. This is because the author does a great job in making two likeable main characters basically bash heads together to try and figure out a mystery. We as the reader already know the answer to the mystery but it is really interesting to see Light try and pull the wool over L eyes who is equally if not smarter than him.

 The biggest difference between this volume and the second is that Misa takes more of a center role almost becoming the third main character. In my review of the second volume I had mixed feelings about her, but after reading this I am starting to really like her as a character as she brings something new to the book. It would be good to read about L and Light fighting all the time but even after a while that would get old and having Misa come in and sort of disrupt the balance was a brilliant idea as it gives a fresh injection in the story.

I personally am not the biggest fan of mystery books but for some reason the mixture of great art and sort of knowing the answer has made me really enjoy my read. Like I said above we know that Light is the first Kira but we dont know how he is going to make it be possible to get away from L who already has an idea that Light is Kira, so to see all the twists and turns that Light tries and uses is really good to see.

This is the first time I have ever read a manga/graphic novel where it is not fighting every few pages so for me to still be interested in what is happening just goes to show just how good the story is. 

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