Far Cry New Dawn Review

So this is the latest installment of the Far Cry series and I have been a long time lover. It is about time I got around to playing it for the first time, so what did I think of it?

We start the game 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, the bombs have gone off and the world has been allowed to reset to what it was before technology and the radiation. The people of Hope County who managed to get underground before the bombs had gone off have discovered it is safe to come up to land again. However, while some people just want to live in a nice peaceful world there is a group of people who want everything for themselves. This introduces us to the bad guys of the game, the twins Mickey and Lou, one being the brain and the other being the muscle. They are trying to terrorise the peaceful area of Prosperity and it is up to you to try and keep it safe.

The story is pretty decent and in my opinion better then 5, this is because from the second you start playing you instantly hate the twins and you want to stop them from being dicks. I personally haven’t felt a hatred for an enemy in a far cry game like this since Vaas so it was a refreshing thought. One new feature I did like that they brought into this game was a little backstory which you would get every now and then to try and get to know the characters a little better, I hope this is a feature they bring back in future games.

So this is the first direct sequel the Far Cry games have made, so I was interested to see how they would bring up the past in this game and they did so very well. You don’t really have to play 5 to understand this game as it does tell you just about everything but I recommended it highly that you do. This is because you get introduced to old characters, old places and even old enemies which even if you weren’t the biggest fan of 5 like I was it does bring some good memories. 

Now the game looks really good and basically shits all over 5, this is because it brings in both the old places of 5 but makes it a lot better by showing them destroyed by the bombs but also what the world is able to do to try and heal itself. There is a mission where you go around with old photographs and see what the major areas used to look like, and when you see the difference it does give you a bit more appreciation for how good the game looks.

So since Primal this is the first Far Cry game to really use crafting as a feature and in a world where there is basically no technology then it is expected, however I think they went a little too far. So to get better weapons you need to craft them, which I get and I am personally fine with, but to be able to craft better weapons then you need to make Prosperity better, which means you need materials, mainly ethanol. This means you need to get outposts back in your control and you will be rewarded with ethanol, it is just to over the top the amount of material grind you need to do to be able to progress in the game. I miss being able to find a bow and arrow from a random enemy in the game and then being able to slay with that weapon for the rest of the game.

Overall, the game is better than 5 in my opinion, it managed to solve most of the problems that 5 had but also made some more of its own. However, everyone always remembers 3 and 4 so highly and Ubisoft have struggled with that in the last 3 games due to the fact they have struggled to get the story to be hard hitting. They need to stop focusing on bringing in new features and start focusing back on the essentials so the Far Cry series can go back to being one of the best.

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