Ted (2012) Review

I have not seen this movie since it was first released back in 2012 so seeing how it is on Netflix and I seem to be on this movie binge run then it is time for another viewing.

This is the story of when a young boy called John gets a new bear for christmas, John struggles to make friends and when he gets his new bear he wishes for the bear to be real and be his best friend forever. 27 years later we get to see how the pair are getting on and to see if John is able to move his life forward while also staying best friends with Ted.

So this story has been done lots of times except instead of a human best friend it is a teddy bear, so obviously with it being a bear it feels fresher somehow. Don’t get me wrong you are able to tell what is going to happen after the first 10 minutes of seeing the present day situation but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny to watch the journey between them. The will they or won’t they between John and Lori is made better by the fact they are only having this argument because of a talking teddy bear.

This movie is a comedy and dear god I laughed so much through it, it has the perfect humour for me which is dark, some of the jokes a lot of people will find offensive but it has the makers behind Family Guy and American Dad in the show what do you really expect it to be. Seth MacFarlane brings his comedy humour to this movie and it does make it a lot better then it probably should do. One other feature that I did like was when they made jokes about Ted sounding like Peter Griffin, I don’t know why but that made me laugh for a good solid minute (I must of been tired)

Ted himself looks great and almost looks like he is actually part of the world which I know is very hard to do. The only time he doesn’t look flawless is when someone else is touching him and that might just be on the actor struggling to get the right position when they are not actually holding the bear.

Acting throughout is fine, it is not until the last part of the movie when you get to see any major acting being involved but it was enough to take it from being mediocre to fine so well done to the cast I suppose.

This is a movie that you are either going to love or hate, and it will all come down to your preferred style of comedy. If you like the sort of comedy in Family Guy then you are going to enjoy this movie, if you don’t then probably best to give this movie a miss.

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