Woodle Tree Adventure Review

Now this is another one of those games which are dirt cheap and people will probably only buy so that they can increase their gamerscore, so how is it to play?

You are born from a giant tree and as a little tree stump it is up to you to find all the fairy tears in order to save the world and that is the story. You really don’t get any more than that.

The story is really only there so you have a reason to play the game.

The game itself looks very square and would probably give minecraft a run for its money, but somehow they have managed to make it look really bright and actually made me want to play more of the game so I could see more of what they managed to make with this sort of design.

Control wise, it works, it doesn’t feel great when you are running and jumping but you do get where you are heading.

I personally would never play this game ever again, for me it was boring, enemies were a joke, the story was non existent. If you are just wanting a quick way to increase your gaming score then this would be perfect as in under 45 minutes you could have all the achievements, but if you are looking for a nice cheap game to play then dont bother with this one it isn’t worth the £2 I paid for it or the £4 that it is when on sale.

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