The Cat in the Hat (2003) Review

So I remember watching this movie back when it was first released so seeing it on Netflix I thought I would give it another watch, plus a movie with Mike Myers can’t be bad right?

Well two kids have been given the task of not making the house a mess while their mother has gone to work, an easy enough task for just about any child right? Well nope these are quite possibly the worst kids in the world as the instant they are told to anything they do the opposite. Conrad has been told that if he isn’t going to be good then he is going to be sent to military school while Sally has been told to keep an eye on him, but then they are introduced to a 6ft tall cat.

So the premise of the movie does sound pretty weird and when you start watching then you will realise that weird is not the right word for it. The kids get taken on an adventure by a big cat who is able to do just about anything if he is able to take it out of his hat, however the guy who is currently dating the children’s mother sees them and is trying to do anything to get there mother to see exactly what the kids are up to. 

The movie itself just looks weird, I want to say it looks old fashioned but at the same time futuristic but somehow it is the worst parts of both of those things. The best looking thing in the whole movie is the goldfish as I personally think it is the best CGI they managed with the movie. The Cat itself looks like it came from the movie Cats which we all know is not a good thing to be compared to.

Mike Myers does okay in his rule, he brings all the energy that the movie has got and he does break the fourth wall a few times which can be a little funny but all the other actors are sub par at best, barely any emotion coming across and the children are just plain annoying even at the end of the movie.

I personally don’t think I could recommend this movie to anyone, the best thing I think we can hope for is that netflix removes it quickly and quietly and for it to just be remembered by the people who have it on DVD.

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