Minecraft Dungeons (2020) Review

So I have been looking for a new dungeon crawler game for some time now and seeing a minecraft version I thought I might as well give it a go.

After being outcasted by the villagers, the illager goes to find some place where he is going to be accepted. This is when he come across the Orb of Dominance, which grants him power and he decides to use this power to lead the country and destroying anything in his path. It is up to you to save as many villagers as possible and take down the illager.

The plot itself is not too bad and does a decent job in making you want to keep going to try and defeat the guy. However I do wish that it would go into some more detail in some areas as before you start a new dungeon you get a few sentences on why you are in this dungeon and what you have got to do in order to get to the next level. 

Control wise, the game works okay, your choice of weapon determines your attack speed so if you want power then you are going to be attacked slower but you will be doing big hits more often. One thing I did not like however was the speed of the main character, this is because just about every enemy moves faster than you, so it is almost impossible to avoid getting hit if you get surrounded. Yes there is a roll ability but you can only use it once every few seconds, and trust me when that is not enough to avoid hits.

For a game that is made only using blocks then the game does look pretty nice, the caverns are dark and gloomy, while the forests are bright, colourful and just makes you want to explore everything so that you are able to see everything.

The music fits well into the game, I will admit that sometimes I didnt even notice it was there but whenever you aren’t hitting numerous enemies then what I heard really fit in with the atmosphere that you would expect  from the game.

I am not a fan of the difficulty choice in the game, there is basically 2 new game plus options but that is not what I am talking about. Before you go into a dungeon then you are able to choose a difficulty for that dungeon, throughout the game I went with the middle option to try and keep it semi difficult for myself but for the last two levels of the game it refused for me to go any lower then the second to last difficulty causing there to be a massive difficulty spike for no reason. I understand that I would of been overleveled for that dungeon for the difficulty I wanted to go on but I am not going to be playing this game to keep grinding certain dungeons to try and get the best loot, some people like myself will play the game for the story and being able to not choose what difficulty I can have the game was a huge pain. I did finish the game on the hardest difficulty but it took a lot longer then needed.

The game is a great way to introduce new gamers to the dungeon crawling genre, it is not too hard where they wont want to play another but it still gives them some challenge to where they feel the reward (Obviously would be better if you could choose the difficulty properly for yourself). With the game only being 6 hours long for a single playthrough it is a great way for people to see if they like this sort of genre before getting into the bigger titles. 

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