Cluster Trucks Review

Cluster Trucks seems like a pretty simple platformer where you jump on trucks to try and get to the end of the level, seems simple enough so let’s see what the game is actually like.

There isn’t any story in this game except to go through the 9 worlds which each have 10 stages in them for you to play through. For me a story in a platformer is very important as otherwise I find myself getting bored very quickly as most platformers are basically the same thing throughout except that the levels get harder and maybe a couple of new techniques are introduced. This is exactly what happened in this game, after the third world I was getting quite bored of the only thing that was really changing was the way the level looked. It needs a story to keep it interesting, yes the trucks do make it a bit more fun but they do lose the enjoyment after a little while.

I found myself looking forward to when I would finish a world just so I could find out what my next theme was going to be. Each one was different and each theme would bring in a new challenge for you to try and overcome, and this was the highlight of the game.

The game does control very well, which is needed otherwise the game would be almost unplayable due to how tight some of the platforming actually is. You can jump from truck to truck easily enough but for those extra high jumps then you need to jump on the very back of the truck which will then shoot you into the air. These are both fun and almost essential to do on certain levels, so luckily the developers coded this very well.

This game is fun to play for a small amount of time in one go, but then you will almost certainly need to take a break. The best level of the whole game is the last one and it is a shame that they couldn’t have made more levels like this to try and increase the difficulty of the game throughout. If you have the game pass then the game is worth a go but I wouldn’t pay the £10.99 that it originally costs.

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