Storm Boy (Xbox One) Review

So this game cost me a whole 99p and I thought for that price even if it is bad then it is going to be worth the money because of just how cheap it was. Anyway, let’s find out.

You play as a young boy who lives by the sea, it is while you are playing at the sea that you come across three baby pelicans. However, after nursing them back to health your dad tells you that it is time for them to become free as he is struggling to afford to feed them. After releasing them all, one comes back and the rest of the game is the adventure they have together.

The story is very sweet but at the same time not very detailed as you get the bare minimum to keep you interested in what is happening in the game. The way you are told the story is by moving the character to the right, play a little mini game and then once again move to the right till you can’t anymore. It is basically like a walking simulator gone bad as it does get very very boring to do.

Luckily the game is under 20 minutes long which came as a little bit of a shock when the main menu screen came back on after a very short playing time, but for a game that cost 99p I suppose I should have expected that.

The minigames are the best part of the whole game and that is saying a lot as I personally found them to be clunky and found myself missing the objective a lot of the time. You find yourself feeding the birds, collecting shells and swimming in the ocean in the games but they are only there to extend the game to try and get you to play as long as possible.

The game does look pretty nice for it being so cheap and the soundtrack is quite good, as it gave off a nice seaside sort of vibe.

This game is based on a book that after playing I do not find myself reading any time soon. If you are looking to increase your gamerscore then this is probably a great game for you as you will get all the achievements in one go just like I did and I didnt even notice. For 99p you really can’t go wrong but if you are struggling to decide between this game and a mcflurry then go for the mcflurry you will be more satisfied.

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