Percy Jackson and The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan Review

After really enjoying my read with the Titans Curse I had to jump straight into the next book in the series as I just wanted more of the Rick Riordan book.

Percy Jackson isn’t expecting freshman orientation to be any fun. But when a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears at his potential new school, followed by demon cheerleaders, things quickly move from bad to worse.

In this fourth installment of the blockbuster series, time is running out as war between the Olympians and the evil Titan lord Kronos draws near. Even the safe haven of Camp Half-Blood grows more vulnerable by the minute as Kronos’s army prepares to invade its once impenetrable borders. To stop the invasion, Percy and his demigod friends must set out on a quest through the Labyrinth – a sprawling underground world with stunning surprises at every turn.

Taken from goodreads

You are thrown straight into the action with this book as within the first chapter Percy is already on the run from the police, which for me makes for a great pace for the rest of the book. Luckily in this action packed book it basically does have the same pace throughout.

I read this book in a single day which is something I have not done since I was about 15, this just shows how action packed it is. Even when there isn’t any fighting happening then there is development in the characters which is just something you don’t want to miss, especially with the relationship between Percy and Annabeth starting to arise, but at the same time every time it does then something brings it back down.

I said in my review of the Titans Curse that Nico is a character I am very much interested in as he seems to be different to all the other characters due to just how dark he is, mainly due to his father. In this book we get to see a lot more of him and see how he is coping with the grieving of him losing his sister, not only that but we get to see what he actually thinks of Percy. Whenever he is involved it just makes everything seem darker in the book, which is weird to think about especially as he is only 11 years old.

This is a great installment into the series and does a great job of being the penultimate book of the series as due to the ending then all you want to do is jump straight into the final book and find out what is going to happen to the Half Bloods and see if they are going to survive. With great pacing and fantastic writing, and decent character progression this series just seems to be getting better and better each book.

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