Super Hot Review

This is a game I have been interested in for some time now, a game where time only goes forward when you move, but is also a FPS? Seems interesting to me so lets see what I think of it.

You are told by a friend that you should play this newest FPS game out and it is apparently one of the best they have ever played and it is called Super Hot. They are plugged into the game via a VR set. When they start to get a big deeper into the game then the game starts talking to them directly, which does cause the player some distress. However they keep on playing.

The story is pretty good especially when you consider that the game is less then 2 hours long. It does it job by making you want to keep on playing the game to find out what is going to happen at the end. Plus the way that it is told is very interesting, as it talks to you via an old school messaging system, that causes you to type by using either the keyboard (if PC player) or the triggers. 

The game itself is really fun to play as not only is it a FPS that works really well, it is own game. By this I mean that you wont find another game that plays like this. You need to shoot at the right enemies at the right time or you will get shot, and when you get shot once then you die in this game. When time is not moving then this is the perfect time for you to take a look around you and find out what enemy is going to be in your sights next.

For a game that really only has 3 colours, the game does look pretty nice. White backgrounds are used to make it as easy as possible to spot the next enemy who is bright red. They use black for the items so you know which ones are pickupable. With so few colours you would expect the game to look bland however because of shading they have done a great job in making levels that you want to keep on playing.

Overall this is a great game if you are looking for a way to blow a few hours, however i do think if they made it any longer then I would almost certainly get bored of the same thing again and again no matter how hard they made the levels.

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