Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 Review

So this is the newest and final season on netflix currently which also means I have watched all 130 episodes in 12 days which is not too bad seeing how I have also been reading and playing games. Just lost a lot of sleep.

We start this season with Jake and Amy going on their honeymoon and Holt finding out that he hasn’t been made commissioner which sends him into a depression. For the first time in 3 seasons we don’t start with a multi part story which was a bit sad as I had started to really enjoy those. In fact we don’t get a single multi part story which now doesn’t feel right as they were probably some of the best episodes the show had to offer.

However one thing has stayed the same and that is the yearly Doug Judy episode, this one however is different to the others but it is still just as good. The halloween episode does not happen in this season, but the heist does so least that is still around. My personal favourite episode throughout the season is probably the finale, this is because so many twists and turns happen in such a short amount of time it is almost impossible to keep up and it is amazing.

So this is the first season on NBC, and they have included swearing in this season, well they tried but they decided bleeping them was a good idea. They have tried to make the show a little bit more grown up with the swearing but for me there is nothing worse then when a show bleeps words out, either don’t use them (like the other 5 seasons) or have the show on past watershed. Even then, when the show came onto netflix they should’ve taken the bleeps out as there isn’t a watershed on netflix. Also don’t have your logo before every episode that just is tacky as hell.


The show is just as good story wise and we get to know the main crew even more which is great to see when we are in the 6th season of the show. I am interested to see how NBC are going to be with the show in the 7th season and hopefully they don’t change anything.

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