Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 5 Review

So after the way season 4 ended I had no choice but to jump straight into season 5, I had to know just how Jake and Rosa were going to cope.

Jake and Rosa have went to jail for a crime they did not commit, this means the team are going to do their best to make sure that they can get them out. While this is happening it means that Jake and Rosa need to find a way to surivie jail. For Rosa this is easy as she had a whole plan ready, for Jake not so much. He breaks a few rules and ends up getting moved from the nice place he was in where no one knows he was a cop to normal jail where everyone is trying to kill him.

There are numerous different stories that happen throughout the show this season but if you havent yet seen it, then it is kind of hard to talk about it without spoiling anything. I can say that I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Amy and Jake progress the way it did, with this relationship then the character progression with Jake in this season is amazing. It could of been the fact that he went to jail and seen some things or it could be that he is finally part of a proper relationship or a mixture of the both, but the Jake you see in this season is almost a different person then the first season.

Charles Boyle somehow gets even worse in this season, I wish he would go asap. Also we need more Scully and Hitchcock.

The Halloween and Doug Judy episodes are back once again and are without the doubt one of the highlights of the series. Also a character comes out as bisexual and the way the whole squad reacts was amazing.

However even those were great episodes my personal favourite of the season has got to be The Box, this is because we get to see Jake and Holt work together on trying to interrogate a dentist.

This is a really good season, with the cast progression closer together and the stories getting better. It is going to be interesting to see the show now that it is under a new disrupter after Fox cancelled the show and then NBC getting it the very next day.

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