The Breakfast Club (1985) Review

I have been told on multiple occasions that this is a great movie, so I thought it was about time for me to get around and give it a watch. Might as well currently got nothing else better to do.

Five kids have been given detention and are told to sit down and write a 1000 word essay while a teacher is going to be checking up on them every now and then. But when you have 8 hours of basically nothing to do then things start to happen.

So when I checked the premise of the story for this movie I am not going to lie, I wasn’t very excited for it. I don’t find the idea of just watching 5 kids sit in a school library for an hour and a half exciting. However when you sit and watch it, guess what it is still very boring The five main characters all follow a stereotype found in just about every single school. You have the Nerd, the popular girl, the mental one, the jock and the criminal. At the very start they react with each other the way you would expect them to and that is by them hating each other. As the movie progresses they slowly but surely start to form a weird friendship. This movie is so stereotypical that it’s boring. The second they all start to become slightly friendly with each other then you can tell what is going to happen at the end. With less than 20 minutes of the movie left to go they are still shouting at each other with them even saying that they hate each other, but what’s that some of them make out at the end, oh my god what a shock to the system that really is. I understand that back in the 1980s this sort of thing was all the range but for 2020 it is just a shit story line.

Acting wise it is not too bad, you are able to feel the emotion from each of the cast as they make their case into why life is not all as it seems on the outside. This is in fact the only time I seem to enjoy the movie when we actually get to hear a little bit of back story about their lives and why they are in detention on a saturday. I do find it weird that they got a 25 year old to play as 16-18 year old, Judd Nelson looks 25 if not older, he even has a 5 oclock shadow for the majority of the movie. I can’t say that any of the cast members did a bad job but only 2 I think deserve any sort of credit. Those being Molly Ringwald and Micheal Hall (both are the youngest of the cast) as they both showed actual emotion when expressing their back story, yes Emilio Estevez did also express a little emotion when talking about his story but he literally only changed the tone and pace of his voice.

You know its bad when the best part of the whole movie was the song choice used. They made you actually pay attention to the movie again because trust me the story really fucking doesnt.

So to summarise, this is a movie where nothing happens for one hour and twenty minutes, ten minutes of action and then the credits. This is supposed to be one of the best movies from the 80’s? Then I think it is time for people to start watching some other movies. Do yourself a favour if you are thinking of watching this then whatever movie is next to it on netflix watch that instead it is almost certainly better.

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