Persona 5 Review

This is the first time I have ever played a game by Atlus and it is also the first JRPG I have played in a very long time. I started playing this game back in June 2019 but after taking a break every now and then and a pandemic currently happening I have finally finished this 85+ hour game.

You play as Joker who has recently just been moved to Tokyo after being expelled from his school. It is here that he meets his new best friend Ryuji, Ann and Morgana. Turns out Joker has the ability to move into the metaverse, not only him but his friends also. This is when they find out what Kamoshida (The school gym teacher) has been doing to the volleyball team behind the rest of the schools back. Turns out the only way that they will be able to stop him hurting the team is by going into the metaverse and changing his heart that way. This is the start of the phantom Thieves.

I basically summed up the beginning of the game but dear god don’t think that is the whole premise of the game. You will notice after beating the first boss just how vast this game is going to be and just how much story you are going to get within this one package. Thankfully they include a feature that allows you to go back and check the story whenever you want which is a great help whenever you have taken a break and I do wish more games would include this feature.

I love the fact that you are able to recruit more persona to your team and this gives the game a Pokemon like vibe which I am always going to enjoy. It is almost essential to have a big team of persona in order to beat the game as you never know which enemy is going to be weak against which attack and it might be an attack that none of your team knows. Not only that but each persona has its own strengths or weaknesses, causing you to have to change your persona mid battle in order to send out one that is either strong or able to repel to that type of attack. 

The game plays very well, in the over world where you are running around the palaces or mementos then you are able to run around enemies, find treasures or even look for dropped items. When battling this is when you might need some tactical knowledge which just makes the game that much more fun in my opinion.

However the feature that separates this from most games in my opinions is the confidants. This is a feature which means the more you get to know people the more powerful you become. Each confidant brings its own power to the table, this could mean cheaper prices or being able to heal you mid battle to many other features. The best part about it though is that you want to get to know people more, you want to know the problems that Ryuji or Ann are having, as well as the rest of the cast. This gives you even more reasons to keep on playing this game.

This is the game I have spent the most time in ever, well expect for the football manager games and my skyrim on ps4 which I platinumed. This is easily now up there with my top 5 all time favourite games and I am now looking to see if I am able to play any of the other Persona games or even if Atlus has anything else I can play to see if they are able to keep up with the great quality that this game had. If you like RPG games and want something new while in this tough time then give this game a go I am sure you wont regret it.

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