Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 4 Review

So I don’t seem to be doing anything else but binging through this show as they keep leaving it on cliffhangers and I need to know what happens next. Anyway, how good was season 4? Well let’s find out.

We end the last season with Holt and Jake having to go into witness protection because Figgis is after them after they took down his team. We start off by seeing that they are slowly getting used to life in Florida, well Holt is, Jake is struggling like hell. This is also when the team gets a new captain in order to replace Holt, turns out the new captain is the worst one yet as he isn’t really good enough to be a cop. The story follows the team as they try and do anything to get rid of the new captain, while Holt and Jake try and find a way to come back to New York.

The first few episodes of the show had me hooked as it was a new environment for everyone, and it was interesting to see how Holt and Jake were going to react when they couldn’t see their families or loved ones. What the team were going to do with a new captain. There was so much to focus on and I loved every single second of it.

We get three more than one episodes stories (Technically four if you count the night shift) and they were great. I love these in sitcoms as it adds the story aspects from drama to the comedy of sitcoms and is actually a great mix. A lot of the time I would watch a sitcom while also doing something else as they are not something that requires that much attention but when they add a multi episode story you know I am stopping everything and keeping up with every word being said.

Once again Hitchcock and Scully need to go down as legends in sitcom history, also Adrian Pimento is slowly getting up there in my books and wishes he had more episodes. If we could swap him and Boyle around that would be fantastic, least Adrian brings something new to the sitcom.

I love how Holt and Jake have actually started to acknowledge the father son thing they have got going on as every now and then they will say Dad or Son and not mention it to the other. I also love Holt so much more in this season as you get to see his love for the 99 but also see the effects that they have had on him compared to season one.

This season is fantastic and just means you will watch it and then want to jump straight into the next season to find out what is going to happen next, especially with that ending. Pretty sure I am saying that a lot recently but dear god if they keep giving me cliffhangers I am going to keep on saying it

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