Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 3 Review

So season 3, a lot happened last season so it is going to be interesting to see how they continue the story in this one.

So Holt has been promoted and is now away from the 99, this makes life at the precinct very interesting due to a new captain, but not only that Amy and Jake are starting their relationship. The Vulture becomes the new captain which is awful for everyone but especially for Amy and Jake as he has told them to split up for face demotion.

I have been saying for the last two seasons that I want a story that lasts for more than just an episode and I finally get it and it happens at the very beginning with Holt wanting to come back but not knowing how to. This made me watch with more interest as I wanted to see how he was going to manage this feat, or even if he would be able to. 

I am loving the relationship between Amy and Jake, obviously it doesn’t come as a shock to anyone that this happened as you can tell by the second episode of the first season that eventually they would end up together. I think they make a really odd couple but perfect for each other, Amy with her basically being an adult and Jake being a man child they sort of need each other in their lives.

I still hate Boyle, even more so in this season due to him trying his best to get into Jake’s relationship as much as possible. I mentioned in the last season review that I actually didn’t mind him talking about food, well that changed and now whenever he is talking about food all I can think of is whenever a hipster says that some random obscure thing is better because it is not as discovered.

Hitchcock and Scully are so underrated.

Story wise, it is a great season, probably the best so far as we get so much more to go, we get a story that goes on for multiple episodes. We have the halloween and Doug Judy episodes again (I am loving these) and we get a new character introduced which adds a nice new mix to the team.

I am looking forward to seeing the fourth season and seeing how they are going to continue the story from the amazing ending of season 3.

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