Mary Poppins (1964) Review

So to continue with my current Disney run it is time to watch Mary Poppins, a movie that came out 56 years ago.

We follow the life of the Banks, a family in the 1910s who have got two kids who are making nannies quit left right and center. This causes George Banks to take over the job from his wife of hiring nannies and his first hire happens to be Mary Poppins, she has no references and basically told George she was taking the job. The rest of the movie is us watching how she copes.

The story is okay, as we get to see how Mary works and why she thinks she is as good as she says she is. We also get to see how life was like in the 1910s, this was before women were allowed to vote as the mother of the Banks children Winifred is a suffragette. To be perfectly honest I found this to be the most interesting part of the whole movie but we only really get to see it being mentioned a few times and never expanded on.

For a movie that is over 50 years old I do have to give it props for having some very decent green screen work as well as animation. Of course to the standards that we have got today it would be killed on the box office but for that time it is very good.

Now my biggest gripe with this movie and it is the music, don’t get me wrong the songs are fine, they do their job in a musical but dear god, for a movie that is over 2 hours long the songs just keep going on and on. The soundtrack is over an hour and 10 minutes long and if we take away the intro song then that’s a whole 1 hour and 5 minutes of songs to listen to and they just keep repeating the same words over and over again. After the first few songs I wanted to just fast forward through them after I listened to the first verse and chorus.

It took 3 days for Mary Poppins to change how the children behaved and then have to leave them due to ‘the wind changing’. However it is not the children that have got to change it is the father. I feel that somehow the movie was dragged out and rushed at the same time, not enough happened in a long enough time and I ended up saying that it was when the movie ended while also being happy that it ended.

The movie is okay, great for its time but for watching now it doesn’t do a lot to make it memorable.

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