Bioshock Infinite Review

Now onto the final Bioshock in the series and out of the three, this is the one I have played the last amount. So let’s see what I think about it.

Just like the first game you start this one in the water making your way to a tower, but that is where the similarities end. You play as Booker Dewitt who has been given the task to find Elizabeth who has been trapped in a tower and has to return her to the people who have hired him in order to wipe away his debt. When he gets to Columbia he has a brand on his hand with AD, which in Columbia means he is False Shepard and anyone who sees him with this on his hand will come after him.

The story is what makes this game so fun to play, and is arguably the best in the series. At the start you only have one aim and that is to get Elizabeth back to the people that hired you but as you progress through the game the story starts to change and it is when this happens the game takes you to a whole new level of immersion. You do have to pay attention to what is happening in the second half of the game otherwise when it comes to the ending you will find yourself to be very confused, just like I was when I first played the game back when I was 17.

Now this game is without a doubt the best Bioshock has looked, and seeing how we are 7 years since a sequel probably the best it is ever going to look. It is also the opposite of how other Bioshock games look as everything is bright and really pretty to look at, except for any fruit that happens to be in a barrel or bag as they are literally just 2d shapes that look like something I made on a powerpoint.

Obviously this is a Bioshock game so you have got a melee weapon which is the sky hook which is somehow a weird mixture of both the wrench from the first game and the drill from the second. This time however it comes with a new feature and that is to help you travel on railings as it is magnetic, out of the three melee weapons this is the best one.

I will however say I found this game to be the easiest to play through with myself only dying twice both times to Handymen. I think it was a great idea to make this the easier game out of the three because it is this game is the one with the best story and you want to be able to feel every little part of it and dont want to have the story overshadowed by the fact you keep dying again and again.

The Bioshock: The Collection is a must have on any new generation console as it gives you three great games and two of them were some of the best the previous generation had to offer.

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